At Banks Lane Junior School we follow the Primary National Curriculum:





The National Curriculum specifies what children must study and what they are expected to know at different ages. This ties in with the national Key Stage 2 SATs tests that check whether children are meeting these targets.

We teach English, Maths, Science, R.E, Computing, History, Geography, Art/Design, Music, P.E and Spanish.

We are committed to ensuring that our children master the basics of English and Maths and these subjects are priorities when allocating teaching time, resources and special needs support.

As a school we subscribe to MyMaths ( and your child will be given their own account and log-in details. Please use this valuable resource and support your child’s learning at home. Children are encouraged to achieve 100% in all activities. As well as the tasks set by teachers your child can access the site at any time to do additional activities and play fun games. Please also take a look at our Maths Support Booklet in the parent information section of our website. It will give you helpful hints on how to encourage the fun use of Maths at home along with some useful Maths websites.

Each child in school has their own reading record in which they record and reflect on the books that they have read. Your child has an account and log-in details for BugClub (, a whole-school reading programme. Reading at home is one of the most important things you can do to support your child. We ask you to read with your child on most school days. ‘Little and often’ is best. Children need to experience a variety of reading materials e.g. picture books, hard backs, comics, magazines, poems, and information books.

Where natural links exist between subjects, teachers teach in a cross-curricular way.

If you would like more detailed information about our curriculum in school please come in and speak to your child’s class teacher.