Weekly Awards

At Banks Lane Junior School every teacher chooses one child, each week, to receive the Gold Medal Award.

They can receive this award for things such as excellent work, outstanding effort, kindness and fantastic behaviour.

Each week a child is given Mr Milner’s Headteacher Gold Award.
The winner receives:

We also have a very successful Headteacher’s Merit Award system. The children can achieve Merits from Mr Milner for things such as excellent behaviour, looking smart, walking sensibly around school, outstanding effort and fantastic work. All the merits are collected in the merit jar near the ‘Proud Wall’.

During Friday Assembly, a merit is drawn from the hat and the winner receives various goodies including:

Good attendance and punctuality is an essential part of our school life so that high academic achievement can be secured. We recognise and praise this at Banks Lane with our weekly FA (Fantastic Attendance) Cup which is given out, each week, to the class which had the highest attendance percentage. At the end of the year, the class with the highest percentage attendance overall is given a special treat.